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Films, Celebrities and Microtech Knives

You may have heard how they say “stars are just like us”, except richer. Turns out, it’s true. At least when it comes to stars having a thing for remarkable knives. The celebrity knife lovers obsess over their favorite knives just as much as the non-celebrity knife lovers.

Does that mean they go as crazy on seeing their favorite knife, say a Microtech Halo V for sale, as the average Halo lover? Yes they do! Need proof? Let’s take a look at the top celebs, films and shows with relevance to Microtech knives.

Microtech knives on screen

Perhaps the most popular on-screen presence of Microtech knives is in the movie The Dark Knight. The Joker uses a Microtech Combat Troodon while threatening the mobster Gambol and you can see the plain black drop point blade clearly in the scene where he holds the knife to Gambol’s face.

Another scene where you can easily spot the Microtech Combat Troodon is the scene with the dead Batman-imposter. As the body is brought down, you see a joker playing card pinned to the imposter with a knife. No points for guessing just which knife that is! Knife lovers who are also fans of the Joker, now you know what to do when you see any Microtech Combat Troodon for sale – purchase it immediately!

The Joker also uses other knives from the company, in addition to the Microtech Combat Troodon. You can see Microtech Ultratech in the scene where the Joker has been booked into holding and his knives are placed on the table by the police. A Microtech Halo (V possibly) is also used in the movie.

On television, the most popular on-screen presence of Microtech knives is in the show 24. The Microtech Halo III is unarguably, the star knife of the show. Jack Bauer can be seen using the Out-The-Front (OTP) automatic knife throughout the series. He is also shown to use a two-tone Microtech Combat Troodon in a couple of episodes. Another show with a heavy Microtech knife presence is Law and Order: Criminal Intent. D’onofrio can be seen using a Scarab.

Popular celebrity knife collectors

The love of knife is more widespread among celebrities than you think. Hollywood has several of its stars collecting knives, including classics such as Microtech Combat Troodon and Microtech Halo V. Their number is so high, that you have a fairly good chance of running into one celeb or another when visiting high-end shops with Microtech knives for sale, within tinsel town.

Among the most well-known celebrity knife collectors are included the likes of Elvis Presley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sylvester Stallone, Nicholas Cage, Keith Richards, Steven Seagal, Artie Shaw, Chet Atkins, James Taylor, David Crossby, Blake Shelton, Angelina Jolie, Ted Nugent, Pamela Anderson, Chloe Moretz , Kid Rock, Ziggy Marley, plus Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (Aerosmith).

These stars are known to be avid collectors of knives from Steve Hills, Microtech, Darrel Ralph and more. They can be seen at knife shows, high-end knife stores, and often times even at local knife manufacturers’ shops, purchasing their favorite knives such as Steve Hills or Microtech knives for sale.

The Relationship Between Synthetic Ice and High Skating Performance

What is it about the term ‘synthetic’ that conjures a negative image in mind? You’ll agree that when it comes to just about anything synthetic, the general consensus of opinion bends in favor of the ‘natural’ variety. “ Why go for synthetic, when you can go for the natural product?”, is a common question you’ll hear or perhaps, have yourself.

Ice skating rinks – a case where synthetic trumps the real

Yes, you read that right. When it comes to ice skating rinks, synthetic rinks make without doubt, a better choice among the two. Why? For the simple reason that it improves your skating performance, whereas natural ice skating rink does not.

Made from ultra- or high-density polyethylene, these plastic ice skating rinks are used around the world in professional training centers for ice-skating and related games such as hockey, figure skating and more. In nations such as North America, Canada, Australia and more, where hockey and ice-based sports are a popular sport, trainers in fact recommend both professional and recreational ice skaters to start practice on synthetic ice rinks.

Wait, but why?


Getting started is easier on synthetic ice rinks. The constant, high-friction surface of the plastic ice allows newbies to stand alone, go forward, move backward, glide and stop – a) easily, b) without support (such as skate aids or a parent’s/trainer’s hand), and c) quickly (usually within a week). On natural ice-based skating rinks however, standing erect and maintaining balance itself may take up to four or five weeks.

In addition, since synthetic ice is safer (less slip, plus lesser chances of sustaining injury in case of accidental slips or falls), beginners do not need to wear helmets and other protective gears. This reduces the mental burden and anxiety beginners trapped with heavy gear typically feel.

  • Synthetic ice rinks build confidence

Since progress is made faster on synthetic ice, when compared to real-ice surface, the skating experience on synthetic ice makes learners more confident in their ability. This greatly improves both, their attitude and actual performance in later stages, when playing just for fun or for professional goals.

  • Synthetic ice rinks build technique

Owing to higher friction, it takes greater effort (about 10 percent) to skate on plastic ice, than it does to skate on real ice. Skating on synthetic ice thus leaves training athletes with more expendable energy, which they use toward building power, balance and precise movement during skating. This makes them stronger skaters.

When these trainers move on to real ice surface, their power, balance, precision of movement and endurance, get amplified (since the actual act of skating on real ice is now taking them only 90 percent of the total energy they are trained in using and they are able to focus the extra 10 percent towards making winning moves). It boosts performance even further and is often the extra punch that separates winners from runner-ups.

Champion your cause and facility with synthetic ice skating rinks

It would be no exaggeration in fact, to term synthetic ice skating rinks, “high-performance skating rinks”. If you are a training athlete, opt for skating rinks that use synthetic ice or have a synthetic ice skating rink (also called synthetic backyard rinks) installed in your home. If you own a commercial space and are thinking about running an ice skating rink, go in favor of synthetic ice rinks because that’s what trainers, trainees and parents are looking for, around the world.

How To Create Your Own Free Blog This Very Day

Thanks to current technology, the process involved in creating a blog or a website has become simple and easier than in the past. In fact, you do not have to have any knowledge on web design so as to create one. Here is how you can create a blog right now:

Step 1: Niche Selection
The first step while creating a blog is to come up with a catchy, interesting niche. This is critical as you need to ensure that it will attract visitors. One of the most effective ways of maneuvering around this task is by looking for something you love doing or are highly skilled at.

Step 2: Platform
The platform on which you choose to build you blog on is just as important as the blog’s niche. Luckily, there are several platforms which you may choose from for this task. But, with over 8 million downloads, one of the industry’s leading platforms is known as WordPress.

Step 3: Hosting
The third step to ensuring that your blog is fully functioning is to locate an ideal web host service company. Here, you need to also get it right. There are several website tutorial videos to aid you in this step if you need further assistance.

Once you have selected the right web hosting company, you will have to come up either by yourself, or by hiring someone else to come up with 100% unique and enticing content for your followers and new visitors. This basically marks the end on how to create a blog.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Using Psychotherapy

Someone who experienced intense feelings of helplessness, fear and horror is likely to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Such people can at times find it impossible to carry on with their daily activities. Therefore, they need urgent help so that they can come to terms with what happened. Post traumatic stress disorder treatment can be achieved mainly through counselling and psychotherapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A number of cognitive behavioral techniques can be employed to overcome the trauma. The most common one involves exposing a person to thoughts and situations that remind them of the trauma. Once this has been achieved, you can then guide them on how to replace such thoughts with rational and balanced ones. Although this exercise takes time before tangible results can be seen, it is an effective treatment.

Family Therapy.

PTSD usually affects everyone in the family. This requires that all the family members undergo therapy so that they can understand what the patient is going through. This also helps the family members in coming up with ways that can help the patient work through his or her fears.

Stress Management Training

Teaching the patient how to reduce their anxiety levels is key in fighting PTSD. Relaxation techniques play a vital role in fighting traumatizing memories. Furthermore, the patient can also be taught how to handle any feelings such as guilt or shame that may be associated with their trauma.

It is vital that you establish a post traumatic stress disorder treatment that is comfortable for both the patient and the family. Moreover, such people need constant support and understanding from their loved ones in order to overcome the trauma.

Basic Introduction To Web Hosting And VPS Hosting Services

A virtual private server (VPS) refers to a machine which is sold as a service by most internet hosting service providers. Web hosting offers you a quick and easy way to get your site online. It is absolutely price friendly, reliable and above all, is feature filled.

Web hosting and VPS hosting are priced way lower than their equivalent physical servers. Unfortunately, as they tend to share the underlying physical specs such as hardware with other VPSs, the overall performance may be slightly lower. The speed also varies depending on the amount of the workload on other hardware nodes.

To date, there are hundreds of companies which offer virtual private server hosting or VDSH (virtual dedicated server hosting) as an extension for those seeking web hosting services. When it comes to licensing proprietary software, there are several factors you may need to take into consideration, i.e. managed or unmanaged administration.

A VPS system which can be changed during runtime (dynamic) is often commonly referred to as a cloud server. Among some of its key attributes includes: extra additional hardware resources may be added at runtime, servers can be assigned and moved to other hardware while the server is still up and running, all according to the load.

With the current development in technological advancements, there is so much you can accomplish by having the right web hosting services. As much as the task of locating the ideal VPS hosting company may be a bit burdensome, it is absolutely worth the effort.